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We interrupt the programme in Istanbul
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Tarlabasi, Istanbul
Marmara University

GRAFIST 13 - 13th International Istanbul Graphic Design Week

13th-17th October 2009 Istanbul, Turkey Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Graphic Design Department

During this event I focused on Page/Screen, Image/Text inter-relationship. The work exhibited in this event gave an overview of my investigation through my design work, teaching and research in Istanbul and in London between 2000 and 2009.

The brief that I set for the workshop, ‘Page / Screen, Asia / Europe’, was driven by my long-term research project (which I also exhibited via video and artist’s books in the exhibition). This research explores the transference of lived experience onto the page or screen, using different forms of language and image, interacting with all the senses. I divided the students into two groups (one for Asia, one for Europe) and sent them out to record their experiences in social spaces, around the village, Besiktas, at the shores of the European side, and around Uskudar on the Asian shores of the city.

My research explores the impact of technologies on image and text relationship between 1984 and present time and how these technologies affect the way we think and communicate our ideas as graphic designers. To this date, I have developed a timeline of technological developments and looked at how designers used the new tools to communicate their ideas through a visual language. During the seminar I focused on my research methods while giving an overview of the methods I developed to analyse the case studies and then I applied this analytical methodology to my own work. My aim was to show how new technologies shaped us as “transitional designers” and changed the way we construct meaning as visual communicators.

My favorite picture from the seminar:
Piotr Mlodozeniec mimicking his work or vice versa.
Photographed by Hassan Alsekafi.