Istanbul Surgery Hospital Istanbul Cerrahi Hastanesi Corporate Identity, Catalogues and Stationery

Art Director: Gulizar Cepoglu Assistant Designer: Aysun Pelvan

This logo won the European Design Excellence Award in 1999 and was published in European Design Annual 4 and in Print magazine.

The logotype suggests two concepts; firstly, the sun, with connotations of warmth and of hope, and secondly, the operating table, with a spotlight focusing on a patient's body, (the blue type across the circular shape suggests the body).

The initial idea was to create a "non-logo", by simply using a printed image of a yellow light reflected on to the modern building’s facade. To create that light I suggested using laser technology, which would refer to the laser technologies and plastic surgery department within the hospital, which is renowned for its cutting-edge laser surgery and eye-correction treatments. Due to budget restrictions the laser-light logo was not adopted; instead, Photoshop filters were used to create the fading light effect for print reproduction.

The smiling faces of the hospital’s doctors turns into a new year postcard.

The design concept revolved around the idea of high tech and technological determinism. What came as a surprise to me was the advanced imaging technology used in medical science, which was closely interconnected with design and print technologies. So, I used scanned medical imagery as part of the design in most of the printed materials.